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The Tetons, Revisited

June 10, 2014

A few nice water images I found:

The Tetons, Revisited

Image by Stuck in Customs
This area is not too far from Yellowstone. Just outside of the south exit, there is a fairly short drive to this area of Wyoming. It’s on the way to Jackson Hole. This is also an amazing place if you are into Bison. There are hundreds and hundred of bison in this area. A free one was roaming about while I took this. They’re actually quite dangerous for something that looks like a giant silly stuffed animal.

Read the rest here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Water Skiing

Image by gray_um

Deception Creek Overflow

Image by pfly
Deception Creek in the background. This overflow channel is usually not quite so flooded as today after all the recent rain. Perhaps best viewed large for mossy temperate rainforest goodness.

Map of location.

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